2022 Dates:  September 17th & 18th
Sat: 10am - 6pm    Sun: 10am - 5pm

See how the Pioneers of the day lived.

Traders, story tellers, candle makers and pioneer encampments.  See how the pioneers of the day lived.

Look west past Johnny Appleseed's grave, the main stage, and the apple slices vendor and you'll see a bridge of sorts taking you directly to the pre1840's. You won't find a refrigerator, stove, microwave, computer, or television set. Instead, you'll see life as it was in the mid 1800's. You'll see vendors who sell or trade goods used in the period. You'll see men, women, and children dressed in period clothes, and living in tents doing the things of that time period. You will see us cooking and keeping warm with campfires the children playing games and with toys of that time. We use fire or candles for light at night.

We are re-enactors who portray life in that period. To us, you are flatlanders, not use to our ways of life.  
We welcome your questions about our lifestyle while we are here. The tents we live in are our homes. Much the same as modern day, we may welcome you into our homes to sit a spell and talk with us.


Well, I hope you'll come on down and see me. I'd love to meet you and your family. See you soon!